Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Lose a Dress Size in 6 Weeks - Week 3

Here is the workout routine and homework from my KC Live segment: Week 3

1). Warmup (walking, jumping jacks, side-to-side steps, etc.): 1-3 minutes
2). Bob and Weave: 1 minute
          NOTE: Add uppercut punches and weights to step up intensity. Also, the lower you go the more you work your legs. Go fast!
3). Side Knee: 30 seconds each side
          NOTE: Lower into your standing leg and add a hand weight to step up the intensity.  Again, go fast. 
4). Jumping Lunges: Do 10 jumping lunges, followed by 10 seconds of jogging in place; repeat for 1 minute
          NOTE: If you are just getting started with working out, or if you have knee trouble, just do alternating lunges, making sure to keep your knees over your ankles (do not let your knees come past the toes or buckle in!)
5). Playful Kitty: 1 minute
          NOTE: multiple levels of intensity on this one. If you have lower back problems, keep your knees bent; if that is still painful, put your feet on the ground. Add a lift up to the ceiling to engage your upper abs. 
6). Breather (jog/walk in place, side-to-side step, etc.): 30 seconds-1 minute
7). REPEAT 2-3 times!!!
8). Cool Down (same as warmup): 1-3 minutes

Tip of the Week:
          - enter in your information to find out just how much you really should be eating to reach your goals
          - includes helpful portion descriptions and examples
          - want to go the extra mile? Track what you eat and drink (be specific!!) for 3 days-1 week. Then enter in that information to the website to see how on track you are
          - tracks not just calories, but also how your doing on your food categories (veggies, fruits, sugars, processes foods, etc.)

This is week 3!  Keep going!!!!  You're doing good!!!

Carpe Diem!

How to Lose a Dress Size in 6 Weeks - Week 2

Here is the workout routine and homework from my KC Live segment: Week 2.

This Week's Workout Routine: 
1. Warmup (jog in place, jumping jacks, etc): 1-3 minutes
2. Balanced Flamingo (use a weight to increase the arm and core workout): 30 seconds each side
          - Hold a weight to your chest. Pulling into your core (your belly), lift your right knee up as high as you can without leaning backward; this is your starting position. From here, simultaneously extend your right leg out behind you while slightly dipping forward and extending the arms overhead. Return to starting position and repeat. 
          - Note: do the best that you can with the balance. Just keep tapping your lifted food down as you need to or your can even lightly hold the wall with one hand
3. Cross Punches (work up and down): 1 minute
          - Really reach your punches out, making them as long as you can, while twisting from the core
4. Side Lunge/Side Blade Kick: 30 seconds each side
          - Hold your upper body straight up and think of leaning in to your kick; this is better for your back and will increase your balance and your core workout
5. Mountain Climbers/Step Ups (10 sets of Mtn Climbers (20 total), 10 Step Ups; repeat): 1 minute
          - Make sure you keep your belly pulled in and your lower back lengthened. Stay off your knees for as long as you can. If your lower back begins to hurt, modify!!
          - Modifications: a). Go down to your knees or b). Do the exercise on the wall. 
6. Breather (keep moving!  Jog in place, do side-to-side steps, etc. while letting your breathing slow: 30 seconds - 1 minute
7. Repeat!  Do the entire workout another 2-3 times. Remember, you have to get up to at least 20 minutes of exercising. Want more results?  Push it. 
8. Cool Down and Stretching (walk around the house, down the street, side-to-side steps, etc.): 1-3 minutes

Tip of the Week: Make at least 1 healthier decision every day. If you would typically order a large fry, order a small. If you'd typically order a soda pop, order an unsweetened tea instead. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make at least 1 healthier choice every day. 

How to Lose a Dress Size in 6 Weeks - Week 1

Here is the workout and homework from my KC Live Segment: Week 1

This week's workout routine:
Warmup: 1-3 minutes
Pinwheel Kicks (alternate 10 front, 10 side): 1 minute 
Punch Combo (alternate L, L, L, R; R, R, R, L; with steps): 1 minute- do 4 regular speed sets, then go fast
Front Kicks (alternate 10 squat kicks, 10 fast kicks): 1 minute
Hammer strike: 
Overhead Hammer Strike (lunge to increase intensity): 30 seconds each side 
Jog in place: 30 seconds
Repeat routine 3 more times!!
Cool Down: walk, jog, "jump rope", etc: 1-3 minutes

1) Do this workout routine 5 days this week!  You can do it!  It's only 20 minutes out of your day. 
2) Establish Accountability: write in weekly to Janell, telling your weight and dress size (or waist measurement) and she'll help you track your progress. Or, as a minimum, tell someone you regularly talk to, who is a positive individual, that you are committing to this 6 week program. Then ask them to follow up with you.