Friday, July 13, 2012

Exercises for Rockin' Arms!

It's exercise tip time again and we are going to shape up those arms!  Say bye-bye to the bat-wings and hello to arms worthy of a tank top!  It is hot, hot, hot outside so let's work those arms, get some "guns", and bare those beautiful arms!

I just did these 2 exercises in my cardio kickboxing class this week (one that targeted the arms).  Although there are numerous arm exercises we could cover, I like these because they will work you entire arm (font, back, and shoulders) as well as your core muscles.

Exercise #1: "Bye-bye bat-wings!"

Lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground, knees together.  As always, pull your belly in towards your spine (flexing your core muscles).  Hold your weight above your head, making sure to keep your elbows pointing forward.  Exhale and extend your arms up, lifting your weight overhead.  Inhale and return your weight to the starting position (control the down, don't just use gravity).  We're going to use light weights and multiple reps to build long, lean muscles and give you a nice, toned arm.  Start with 25 reps, then pause for 30 seconds.  Repeat 1-2 more times.  Try to build yourself up to 2-3 rounds of 50 reps, done 3-5 days/week.

Exercise #2: "Rock the shoulders - double time!"

Holding your weight to your chest, get your feet into a lunge position.  Do a trial lunge first to make sure your knee stays over the ankle (not past your toes) as you lower down.  Hold your weight in front of your chest with your head up straight, your chest open, shoulders back, and belly pulling in toward your spine (core muscles flexed).  Make sure to maintain this position throughout the entire exercise.  Exhale and simultaneously lunge down and press your weight up over head.  Inhale and return to your starting position (using your muscles, not just gravity).  To add more strength training for your legs and protect your knees, make sure you keep your weight on the front foot with the back foot just being for balance.  Start with 8 reps on both the left and right sides, then pause for 30 seconds.  Repeat 1-2 more time.  Try to build yourself up to 3 rounds of 15 reps on each side, done 3-5 days/week.

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