Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Skater Move -- work your heart and your legs

Don’t you just love this time of year with the beautiful warm days followed by the slightly crisp air at night?  I know I do!  But as the temperatures begin to dip I am reminded to bump up my exercising so that I don’t begin to hibernate like the bears!  This week we are going to be working out our entire body, especially or lower half, as we get our hearts pumpin’. 

Up until I left for college I spent 5 hours a day training on and off ice for competitive ice dancing; oh how we worked our legs.  I even remember how my dad used to have people touch my quads because they were so strong, just pure muscle without an ounce of…”cushioning”.  So after all those long hours, and the incredible fitness results achieved from those ice dancing moves, I have lovingly named this exercise: “The Skater Move”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do as it heats up your inside and tones up your outside.  (Spandex and leotards are optional (wink)).

The Skater Move

Begin with feet hip width apart, belly in to support your spine, and chest lifted.  Take a big step to the left, reaching your right leg behind you to the angle.  Keep your weight on your left leg as you bend down toward the floor with your right hand (twisting your arms and right leg across your body).  The farther you lunge down the farther you should extend your back leg behind you.  As always, make sure you keep your belly pulled in to support your spine and your front knee over (not past) the ankle.  NOTE:  only go as far down as you can while still protecting your front knee and lower back!  Keep your head up and shoulders relaxed.  Now, pull your belly in as you lift up your upper body and spring to the right, twisting your left hand and left leg across the body.  Alternate back and forth for 1-5 minutes, all the while making sure to maintain your position of belly in and a safe knee stance.  As your legs start to burn, just think about how great your legs are going to look the next time you bust out a lovely pair of shorts or a swimsuit.  And for you men out there, just think of how you are becoming strong, powerful and fast…you can forgo the spandex.

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