Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Whole Body - Leg Lift Plank

We are now in the third week of 2013 and this is when the excitement and ‘gung-go’ attitude may start to wane.  This is when encouragement and support from family, friends, and ideally, your trainer or instructor is the most important.  For more tips on achieving your New Year’s resolutions, check out my article in Living Wellness KC at

This week we are going to work your whole body and challenge your balance with the Leg Lift Plank.  To challenge your stabilizing muscles even more, balance your hands on a weighted ball.  We did this is our class last night and everyone was amazed at how much balancing on that little ball really adds to the difficulty (and fun) factor.

Leg Lift Plank

Get into a push-up/plank position.  Make sure your hands are under your shoulders and your bootie is either in line with your body or slightly lifted (do not let your bootie sag down as this will hurt your lower back!). 
Here is the ‘walk-through’ I say during class: "Hands are star-fished, pulling up out of the ground…elbows are belt slightly, chest is open, head is up.  Belly is pulling in toward your spine, glutes are tucked under, thighs are strong, extending through the heels….now breathe…"
Hold for one round of walking through the body (takes us about 30 seconds for 1 ‘walk-through’ of the above).  Then, while keeping your shoulders and hips flat, lift up one leg behind you.  Pull your belly in and flex the foot so that you are using you core, glutes and hamstrings to support the position.  Do one more round of the ‘walk-through’ above, then rest for about 30 seconds (or go to another exercise).  Repeat on the other leg.  Want to be an over-achiever?  Do both sides at least 1 more time.
P.S.  I am sorry my last two blogs have been without pictures..apparently my hosting site is having some technical difficulties; hopefully, I will be able to get pictures up soon.

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