Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1, 2, 3, POWER! - Get Ready For Toned and Fabulous Arms!

Congratulations!  It’s now officially Spring!  Even though it sure doesn’t feel like it this week, Spring weather is coming soon; that means we’ll all be flashing our guns in no time…our super toned and fabulous arms that is.  However, if your arms aren’t quite as impressive as you’d like them to be, or you just want to make sure they stay looking great, then read on and enjoy this week’s arm blaster.

This week we are going to rock the arms with a triple jab/cross combo.  This exercise is fast-paced and endurance driven so get ready to work those arms and feel the burn!

1, 2, 3, POWER!
NOTE: Although I love the practical self defense application of practicing from an “on guard” position with your hands up to protect your face (this is what I am demonstrating in the photo with a “front two knuckle punch”), I have found that my cardio kickboxing students have better form and are able to work the full range of the movement easier if they just keep returning their hands to their armpits.  I also recommend doing a “thrust punch” which will keep the pinkie side of your hand down towards the ground the entire time; this will keep your elbows down throughout the punch (very important).  Again, to do the punch correctly, and get the most out of it, start from the armpits, keep your elbow down and in tight to your body the entire time, and extend your punch all the way (just shy of locking your elbow).  Once you have this, the rest is easy!

Start with your feet staggered (think of standing on the corners of a box) with your hands pulled up by your armpits.  If your right foot is in front, you are going to punch 3 times with your right hand (a “jab”) followed by 1 punch with your left hand (a “cross”).  This rear hand should have more power since you are able to use the torque and strength of your legs and hips in the strike.  As you are punching, think: fast, fast, fast, POWER…fast, fast, fast, POWER (no breaks allowed; keep the tempo up).  To help you keep your speed up, I recommend listening to some upbeat music with a fast, strong bass (in class we listen to Pandora’s “Dance Cardio Radio”).   

Go for 1 minute with your right as the 1, 2, 3 (and your right foot in front) and then 1 minute with your left as the 1, 2, 3 (with your left foot in front).  Remember to extend your punch all the way and then keep that arm coming back all the way to your armpit…this will get harder to do the farther into the 1 minute round you get.  But remember, if you want to sleeveless shirts with pride, keep going!


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