Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Sprinkler Move for your Core

Welcome to daylight saving time!  Isn’t it nice to have some more hours of daylight in the evening?  Daylight saving time means more time for the kids (and us) to go play outside, enjoy the outdoors, grill, and dream of all those warmer spring days ahead.  If you haven’t yet, take some time this week to go outdoors and enjoy the calming and rejuvenating nature of…nature!

This week we are working on our core muscles.  With more daylight hours and warmer weather comes more time gardening and working on the lawn.  This exercise will help you strengthen your side abdominal muscles, helping to keep you fit and feeling great during your twisting, turning, outdoor chores.

The Sprinkler
Sit with your legs fully extended, feet flexed.  Make sure you activate your leg muscles, feeling as though they are pressing together and lengthening out through your heels.  Pull your belly in toward your spine, lift out of your lower back, and open your chest.  Lift your arms up to shoulder level (yes, shoulder level, not below) and extend your arms in each direction; this will activate all of your arm muscles.  This is your foundation; maintain this position throughout the exercise (it will make sure you workout your entire body, focus on your core, and protect your lower back).  Now, lean back slightly and twist to the left while inhaling; return to center with your exhale (moving slowly).  Repeat on the other side.  Alternate sides for 15-20 sets (1 on each side = 1 set).

Do The Sprinkler as above but this time vary the tempo.  Try:
1.       Inhale to the left, exhale to the right (moderate tempo).  Repeat for 20-25 sets.
2.       Complete 1 full set (left and right) on each inhale and exhale (fast tempo).  Repeat for 25-30 sets.

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