Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Celebrate Life and Work Your Core Muscles

Do you celebrate your life? It was my birthday at the beginning of the month, and I am typically the person who likes to “celebrate” my birthday for as long as possible; in fact, my husband likes to call it my “birthday month”. However, this year was a bit different. With our baby being due in a month, having a toddler running around the house, and returning as the studio manager of our business, Kempo Fitness, I almost entirely missed my big day! There was no birthday month…no, no…I was happy to just enjoy the actual day! That said, do you know what the very first thing I did was when I woke up that day? In my head, I sang “Happy Birthday” to myself…in fact I believe I actually sang it a few times. It may seem very small or even silly, but it was a little bit of time for me to celebrate me and my life.

In life, we do so much for other people, other responsibilities, and I truly believe we all need to take a little bit of time to nourish our own lives and our own soul, at least every day (or week at the minimum). Part of this is to take time to exercise and de-stress…take care of our mind, body, and soul, which is where my weekly fitness blog and our Kempo Fitness business comes in. But if we can’t give ourselves a little extra lovin’, a little extra cheer, and a celebration of our life on our very special day of birth, then when will we ever?
So I challenge all of you, to take time each day, and each week, for you. And this year, when your birthday approaches, make it a point to celebrate your own life and self. Whether you go for the full out “birthday month” or just the single day, sing yourself “Happy Birthday” and give yourself a little extra love and cheer; you’re worth it!


W is for a Great Core

Begin on the floor, legs together and arms to sides.  Pull your belly in to your spine, press down with your palms, and extend your legs out through your heels; activate your entire body – maintain this throughout the exercise.  Keeping both legs flexed and straight, lift your right leg up and across your body to the left, then return your leg back down to the starting position.  Now lift your right leg up to the center and back down.  Lastly, lift your right leg up and to the right and then back down.  Simply put, write a “W” with your leg: left, center, right, center (this is 1 round).  Go fast and yet controlled; do not just drop your leg down using gravity!  No, you must use your core muscles to return that leg to the ground! 

Do 10-20 rounds on the right leg, then on the left.  Repeat for 1-2 more sets.

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