Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Backward W - Lift Your Bootie and Tone Your Hammies

Whoa.  Pushing a stroller can be a good workout!  We had our family get-together at Table Rock Lake 2 weeks ago and we had a wonderful time playing at the pool, swimming in the clear, warm lake, and strolling around Branson.  But the best workout, by far, was what I got right after we arrived.  My sister-in-law and I decided it would be fun to go for a walk while the rest of the family went shopping for groceries.  Now let me tell you, Ozark country is hilly!  I set out with my son (30 lbs) in our super Jeep All-Terrain Stroller (love those real tires but this sucker is another 30 lbs).  So, I’m pushing and pulling an additional 60 lbs up and down hills that are a 30-40% incline….wow!  Core and quad workout going down (a bit scary considering my precious cargo, I admit) and whole body workout heaving it back up.  Who knew pushing a stroller could be such a good workout!

This week is leg week.  We did a version of this exercise to work out our core (W is for Core Strength – 4/24/13); here, it will work the back of your legs and glutes.  Just make sure you keep your core strong and pulled in so that you do not strain your lower back.

Backward “W”
Begin on your hands and knees; pull your belly in to support your lower back, open your chest, and lift your head up.  Maintaining this position, straighten your right leg out behind you, extending out through your foot while tightening up all your leg muscles.  From here you are simply going to “write” a W in the air – bring your leg up crossing to the left, center, and out toward the right.  In class I simply call out: left, down; middle, down; right, down; middle, down.  Make sure to control the down to get the most out of the workout.  Since you are lifting your leg in multiple harder-directions, you will work of your leg muscles (including those-to-reach inner and outer muscles) along with your bootie and core.  Go for 5-10 reps on each side; repeat for 1-2 more rounds.


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