Friday, October 4, 2013

22 Fun Things To Do This Fall and Stay Active!

Happy October!

October always brings the feel of Fall, promising perfect-weather days and crisp, refreshing nights.  It’s a time of year that beckons for long walks, time spent on the patio, and games to be played outside.  I recently saw a segment on the Fox4KC website with the title: “Do your kids suffer from nature deficiency disorder?”  Obviously, this is not a real disorder but there has definitely been a change in what children and families do for entertainment, even since I was growing up.  Even though technology is the wave of the future, spending time outside not only creates a sense of grounding but also develops a respect for where we live and the environment.  In addition, spending time outside encourages all of us to live a healthy and active lifestyle, something that is desperately needed as rates for obesity, diabetes, etc. soar in our country.
So, I implore you: Go Outside!  Play!  There is so much to do right now; here are some ideas:

22 Fun Things To Do This Fall and Stay Active

1.       Go for a walk or bike ride with your loved ones (or by yourself for some “me” time)
2.       Have fun at a pumpkin patch
3.       See if there is a Fall festival nearby you can go to
4.       Run through a corn maze
5.       Plant bulbs in your garden for pretty Spring flowers
6.       Try geocaching and find some treasures (do nearby or take have an adventure and go to a near-by state park)
7.       Put up Halloween decorations
8.       Jump in the leaves (or just run through them, enjoying their crisp, crunching sound)
9.       Play hopscotch
10.   Throw a Frisbee (you could even try a game of Frisbee golf)
11.   Build something (we are going to build a fort for my son…very exciting!)
12.   Go for a hike in nature (need ideas of where to go?  Just google search “hike (your state)”)
13.   Carve a pumpkin
14.   Rake leaves and use them to make cute (or scary) ghosts to hang in your trees
15.   Fly a kite
16.   Go to an apple orchard to pick apples and then make applesauce and caramel apples
17.   See how many colors of Fall leaves you can collect and then make “stained glass” with them (iron the leaves between two sheet of max paper)
18.   Enjoy doing an exercise circuit in the cool, brisk air (jumping jacks, squats, pushups, side knees, lunges, etc.)
19.   Play a game of touch football or a game of baseball (you can even use trees or other markers in your yard as the bases (my son and I run around the tree after he hits the ball)
20.   Get your friends and family to do a run/walk
21.   Visit the zoo (it will be less crowded)
22.   Pick out your favorite, yummy Fall fruits and vegetables at the City Market (or another farmer’s market near you)

Take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather of Fall; I promise if you go outside, and take a deep breath, you will relax and feel more grounded.  Then it’s time to go out and have some fun!

Want other ideas?  Check out these links:


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