Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Raised Bridge - Lift Your Bootie and Tone Your Core

Happy Halloween! 

Halloween is here, marking the start of the holiday (and dare I say eating) frenzy that takes place over the next 2 months.  But, if the tempting food and jammed schedules aren’t enough, we often add the pressure of looking extra good for all the holiday pictures that will be taken.  But, never fear, I will be here to help you through it all with tips, tricks, exercises, and more to make this holiday a great one!
This week we’re going to work our core muscles, inner thighs and bootie all with one exercise… the:
Raised Bridge
(Note:  To increase the intensity of this move, add a weight) 
Begin on your back with your feet on the ground and your feet hip width apart.  If you are going to do this move without a weight, place your hands down by your sides, palms down.  Pressing your feet down into the ground, exhale while you press your bootie up toward the ceiling, holding your core muscles strong.  In this position, think of pulling your thighs into each other, keeping your knees hip width apart; this will activate your inner thigh muscles.  Press down into your floor with our feet to activate your hamstrings.  Lastly, lift your bootie up to the ceiling that little bit extra to really get your glutes working.  Inhale and release back down to your starting position. 
If you are doing this move right, you should feel your core, glutes, hamstrings, and thighs.  Go for 2-4 rounds of 15 reps.

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