Thursday, November 14, 2013

15 Minute Power-Workout: Whole Body Interval Training

We are down to only 2 weeks before Thanksgiving festivities ensue…followed by 2 months of jam-packed schedules of get-togethers, events, and celebrations.  Although your time might be limited, continuing to workout is going to be essential to maintaining your health and fitness goals….and your sanity!

Over the last year I have continually read and heard about the benefits of interval training, giving you more results in less time (or even greater results in the same amount of workout time).  A doctor I heard of the radio the other day even said he saw comparable benefits in individuals who did 3 30-minute interval training workouts a week as those who did 5 1-hour regular workouts a week (Check out the first link below).  Luckily for my students (and all of you) this is how I have structured all of my cardio kickboxing classes!
While all of our time will be limited over the next few months, let’s use interval training to our advantage!  So let’s get started with this 15 minute power-workout routine to rev up our engines and make sure we look and feel great this holiday season!  Then, stay tuned in to Be Well With Janell because I will continue to upload new workouts, exercises, pictures, videos (yay!), and more!

Note: Want to make it a high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT)?  Use a heavy bag and weights for all the exercises below – not sure how to do these moves?  Check out my blog or call in to our dojo and we’ll get you taken care of (Kempo Fitness – 913-649-4422).

15 Minute Power-Workout: Whole Body Interval Training

1.       Jumping Jacks (30 seconds regular, 30 seconds Nordic)

2.       Jabs (1 minute each side, with fast feet)

3.       Jog with High Knees

4.       Side Blade Kick Leg Lifts (1 minute each side)

5.       Jump Rope

6.       Squat Front Ball Kicks

7.       Side Shuffle Step – fast!

8.       Backward Jump Rope

9.       Mountain Climbers

10.   Side-to-Side Step with Arm Lifts

11.   Punches – hard and fast, with squat (10 punches high, 10 in your lowest squat, repeat)

12.   Side Knees (1 minute each side)

13.   Jumping Jacks

14.   Side Shuffle Step – fast!

15.   Cool Down Jog

All bolded items are hard and fast for 1 minute (unless specified 1 minute each side).  Push yourself and get a bit winded; this is essential to get the full benefit of interval training.
All non-bolded items are 30 seconds and the “easy” section of the workout.  Try to relax your breathing but still keep working!  Move at a moderate pace; you should be able to talk to a friend but still be breathing heavier then normal.

 Check out these websites for more information on the benefits of interval trainings:

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