Thursday, November 21, 2013

10 Minute Power-Workout -- Whole Body Interval Training

Whew-wee!  Only 1 week to go until Turkey Day!  Like me, I’m sure most of you out there are trying to figure out what to cook, how many people to plan for, and how to clean, decorate and get the house ready for guests.  All good things, but all time consuming.

That’s why this week I am going to feature another short, jam-packed exercise routine.  Even though extra time is pretty slim this next week, I know you can squeeze in a few 10 minute workouts.  Luckily, this routine utilizes the interval training method so you can blast away more calories and get the most out of your training (see last week’s information on interval training).
Aim for doing this workout routine at least 3 times over the next week.  Have more than 10 minutes?  Do the routine back-to-back or add in last week’s “15 Minute Power-Workout – Whole Body Interval Training”.

10 Minute Power-Workout – Whole Body Interval Training
Note: Grab a weight for this one to kick-it-up even more
1.       High Knees Jogging In Place (quickly)

2.       Jumping Jacks (touch your hands together at the top and go wide with your legs)

3.       Jabs with Weight (30 seconds each side – fast!  Make sure to pull your arm all the way back)

4.       Squat Front Ball Kicks (squat low and kick high (get your knee up!) while holding your weight to your chest)

5.       Invisible Jump Rope

6.       Bicycle Crunches (hold your weight to your chest)

7.       Mountain Climbers (try to balance your hands on your weights)

8.       Hands and Knees Back Kick (30 seconds each side – fast!  Keep your belly pulled in, knee to chest, then press straight back through your heel)

9.       Quick Side-to-Side Step (touch your feet together and twist your arms across your body)

10.   Squats with Tricep Curl (hold your weight between your hands, behind your head – extend your hands up as your squat down low)

11.   Side Blade Kicks (30 seconds each side – fast! Keep your toes pointing to the front as you kick out, pull your leg back in to work your inner thighs)

12.   Jumping Jacks (touch your hands together at the top and go wide with your legs)

13.   Invisible Jump Rope Backwards

All bolded items are hard and fast for 1 minute (unless specified 30 seconds each side).  Push yourself and get winded; this is essential to get the full benefit of interval training.
All non-bolded items are 30 seconds and the “easy” section of the workout.  Try to relax your breathing but still keep working!  Move at a moderate pace; you should be able to talk to a friend but still be breathing a bit heavier than normal.

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