Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Push-Up Mountain -- Tone your Arms and Whole Body!

Push-ups!  Oh, the love-hate relationship I have with push-ups.  I love the excellent whole body workout I get while doing them but….I hate how hard they are!  Funny thing is I think almost all men I work with would chose push-ups over an ab exercise any day of the week; and almost all the women I work with would chose the abs!  But this is why we mix it up. 

So jump on board the push-up train and let’s rock those arms and tone your whole body!

Push-Up Mountain

Level 1: On your knees, no ball
Level 2: On your knees, with ball (works stabilizing muscles)
Level 3: On your toes, no ball
Level 4: On your toes, with ball (works stabilizing muscles)
*Chose a level so that you challenge yourself but are able keep your lower back supports with your core

Begin with both feet and hands spread out wide in a push-up position.  Make sure your belly is pulled in toward the spine to protect your lower back!  Keep your elbows bent slightly, your chest open and your head up.  Tuck your glutes (bootie) under, tighten your thighs, and extend through your heels.  Maintain this position throughout the entire exercise.   

Bend your arms for your push-up.  Now the “tricky” part.  While keeping your bootie down and your back flat, step your left hand up to your right hand and your left foot up to your right foot  so that you are holding your whole body in a straight line with your hands and feet together.  Now, step your right hand and foot out as wide as you can and do a push-up.  Repeat going back in the opposite direction.   

One round: push-up, left side up, right side out, push-up, right side up, left side out.  Go for at least 10 rounds, 2-3 times.

NOTE:  If you are using the ball, and I encourage you to, I have found that it works best to move your first hand to the side of the ball before placing your second hand on it.  For example: push-up with right hand on the ball, right hand moves to the right of the ball, place left hand on the ball as left side steps up, right side out, push-up,  left hand moves to the left of the ball, place right hand on the ball as the right side steps up, left side steps out.

Have fun and conquer those push-ups!

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