Monday, October 29, 2012

Core Strength -- The Raking Twist (perfect for Fall)

Here is the second installment of exercises to keep your body protected and injury free while raking up all your beautiful Fall leaves.  This exercise targets your side abdominal muscles (your obliques) and really trains you to engage your core muscles to support your lower back.  And with the twisting and lifting of upcoming snowfall right around the bend, this is another good exercise to continue at least through the winter months.

The Raking Twist
Start with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.  Pull your belly in toward your spine to protect your lower back and lean forward slightly.  It is very important to keep you core muscles activated – keep that belly pulled in!  With your hands up by your head, inhale and twist your chest up to the left; exhale and return to the center.  Next, inhale and twist your chest up to the right; exhale and return to the center.  This counts as one rep; go for at least 2-3 rounds of 20-30 reps.

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