Monday, November 5, 2012

Circles for fabulous arms

This exercise seems so benign, but oh, it will make your arms burn!  But don’t worry, that’s how you get beautiful, toned arms!  The great part of this exercise is that it is extremely gentle and low impact so everyone can do it.  In addition, it’s very easy and can be done standing or even sitting.  So, add this exercise into your day, in the morning to warm up and stretch, at work to keep your energy up, or in the evening as your wind down; your arms will become toned and fabulous.

Arm Circles

Note: If you do this exercise standing, I recommend jogging in place while doing the arm circles to increase the cardio level. 
Bring your arms out to your sides at shoulder level.  To get the most out of this exercise it is very important to keep your arms fully extended, circling from your shoulders (not your elbows or your wrists).  Circle your arms over head and in front of you to increase the exercise.  As your arms get tired, the tendency will be to begin lifting your shoulders up toward your ears...this will only make your neck sore.  Keep your shoulder down and your neck relaxed; this will isolate your arm and shoulder muscles.  Remember, if you lower your arms below shoulder level or bend your arms, you will not get as good of a workout.  Go for constant, rapid circles for 1-2 minutes; 2-4 times. 

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