Monday, October 15, 2012

Venus Fly Trap -- Core Strength

This week is all about the core.  I like to call this week’s exercise “The Venus Fly Trap” (you’ll soon see why).  Not only does this exercise work our upper "6-pack" muscles but it also works the harder-to-reach inner and lower abdominal muscles.  In addition, since our legs and arms are up in the air we will also be working our inner thighs, biceps, and shoulders.

Get ready to snap up a stronger, healthier body!
The Venus Fly Trap – core strength

Begin by lying on your back with your arms spread in a “V” on the floor and your legs held in a “V” in the air.  NOTE: If you are not very flexible (yet) or have lower back problems, try bending your legs at the knee.  As always, keep your belly pulled in toward the spine to support the lower back.  This is your starting position.  As you exhale, pull your legs and hands together as you lift up toward the ceiling.  Keep your chin lifting to the ceiling as you try to get your shoulder blades off the ground.  Inhale, return to your starting position.  That’s it!  Easy bees!  Go for 2-3 rounds of 20-30 repetitions.

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