Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 2 - postpartum -- journey back to excellent health

Week 2.  This was the week of submission for me.  I…am a doer.  I recently came to the realization that although I like dressing up and looking nice, I take after my roots and am a “farm girl” at heart.  Case in point, the week that I went into labor I was still teaching my cardio kickboxing classes, running everywhere with my son, hauling 30 shovelfuls of dirt across the yard and planting sod…just the type of gal I am (note:  shoveling dirt etc. is not something I recommend for pregnant women!).  So, when the delivery of my daughter went so much smoother than with my son, I figured I should be able to get right back to doing everything I would typically do…not the case.  I guess the 2 week requirement of minimal movement for new moms is needed for the body to heal on the inside, even if we feel/look okay on the outside.  Unfortunately, it took 3 hours of a level 8-9 on the pain scale (mamas out there, you know what that means) and 2 days of not being able to stand up straight to accept that I am not an exception to that 2 week rule.  Got it.  Message heard.

So alas, this was my second week of rest.  Looking forward to being about to carry my son, exercise, and feel like I can actually m.o.v.e.!
That said, baby girl is great, beautiful, and wonderful.  And my son…ah!  He is just incredible.  So loving, always trying to give his little sister hugs and kisses.

This is me holding my son while the sand for his sandbox was delievered
Goal for the next week is to start going for longer walks and to begin gentle exercises.

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