Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 4 - postpartum - Journey Back to Great Shape

Week 4. This was a week of coming to terms with my post-preggo body.  I have decided that saying: “you look beautiful…amazing…etc.” is the most wonderful thing you can say to a woman after she has had a baby, because don’t we all feel a little frumpy right after that joyous day has come?  Our bodies grow, and change so much as our perfect little peanut is developing in our belly.  However, after that perfect peanut is born, we’re still left with the growth and change that our body went through over those 9 months!  And for me, being in the health and fitness world, I had deluded myself that my body would go back to it’s pre-baby shape within about a month or 2.  Yes, I knew I would need to tone and strengthen my muscles again, but I definitely thought I would be back into my slightly larger post-preggo pants by now.  But no…

I was getting a bit discouraged by this, until this week.  I finally realized that with my first child, my hips were still 2 sizes larger 6 months after he was born then they were prior to that pregnancy.  Oh!  Big ‘Ah Ha” moment.  Crazy, since I’ve been through this transition before, but I simply forgot how long it took!  Even now, I just remembered what my midwife said to me that first time around: “it took 9 months for your pregnancy, it will probably take 9 months to get back”.  If it ever does…
Luckily, for me, I know that by 9 months after my son was born I had surpassed my pre-pregnancy shape and was in the best shape of my adult life.  So, to all of you out there, either wanting to get back into shape after a pregnancy or wanting to get back into shape from whatever life event you have been going through, it IS possible to get into excellent fitness and reach your goals; I am living proof.

So for now, I have realized that I need to embrace my “enhanced” pear-shape.  Once I get the a-okay from my doctor to start exercising again I will work on toning my muscles, but my hips will be as they will be (I just plan to make my pregnancy saddlebags go away).
This week my daughter has really been working my arms!  I think she wants to help tone my biceps back up!  Seriously, when all else fails, this is the move that calms her down and relaxes her the most.  Try this move out and I guarantee you’ll feel your muscles working.

Baby Bicep Curl
You can do this seated or standing.  As for the weight, if your baby is under 10 to 12 pounds, you can probably do this the baby way; if your baby is over the 12 pound mark (or you don’t have a wee one), just hold a weights between your hands.

Start by tightening your core to activate your abdominal muscles, open and lift your chest, and relax your shoulders.  Keep this throughout the exercise.  Now, hold your baby (lying down between your arms) or your weight out in front of you and bring your elbows into your sides; this is your starting position.  From here, all you have to do is lift your hands from belly level up to your face level, then back down.  That’s it!  Go for 30 sec – 1 min rounds.  You can for fast or slow…mix it up!  If you are doing this with your baby, see what they like best!


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